Deciding for Peace
From A Course in
Deciding For Peace

This world will change through you.
No other means can save it.

Do you not think the world needs peace
as much as you do?
Do you not want to give it to the world
as much as you want to receive it?
For unless you do,
you will not receive it.

The question, "What do you want?"
must be answered.
You are answering it every minute
and every second,
and each moment of decision is a judgment
that is anything but ineffectual.
Its effects will follow automatically
until the decision is changed.

The power of decision is all that is yours.
What you can decide between is fixed,
because there are no alternatives
except truth and illusion.
And there is no overlap between them,
because they are opposites
which cannot be reconciled
and cannot both be true.
You are guilty or guiltless,
bound or free,
unhappy or happy.

What could you choose between
but life or death,
waking or sleeping,
peace or war,
your dreams or your reality?

Remember this: Every decision you make
stems from what you think you are,
and represents the value that
you put upon yourself.

Yet what you do not realize,
each time you choose,
is that your choice is your evaluation of yourself.

Every response you make
is determined by what you think you are,
and what you want to be
is what you think you are.
What you want to be, then,
must determine every response you make.

The power of your wanting
must first be recognized.
You must accept its strength, and not its weakness.
You must perceive that what is strong enough
to make a world can let it go,
and can accept correction
if it is willing to see that it was wrong.

Watch carefully and see what it is
you are really asking for.
Be very honest with yourself in this,
for we must hide nothing from each other.

Make, then, your choice.
But recognize that in this choice
the purpose of the world you see is chosen.

We choose again,
and make our choice for all our brothers,
knowing they are one with us.

This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

The power of decision is my own.

Excerpt from Gifts from A Course in Miracles Edited by Frances Vaughan, and Roger Walsh.
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