Nisargadatta Maharaj
on Ending World Suffering

The following is an excerpt from
I Am That Translated by Maurice Frydman.
Questioner: It will take much time if I just wait for self-realization.

Maharaj: What have you to wait for when it is already here and now?  You have only  to look and see.  Look at your self, at your own being.  You know that you are and you like it.  Abandon all imagining, that is all.  Do not rely on time.  Time is death.  Who waits--dies.  Life is now only.  Do not talk to me about past and future--they exist only in your mind.

Questioner: You too will die.

Maharaj: I am dead already.  Physical death will make no difference in my case.  I am timeless being.  I am free of desire or fear, because I do not remember the past or imagine the future.  Where there are no names and shapes, how can there be desire and fear?  With desirelessness comes timelessness.  I am safe, because what is not, cannot touch what is.  You feel unsafe, because you imagine danger.  Of course, your body as such is complex and vulnerable and needs protection.  But not you.  Once you realize your own unassailable being, you will be at peace.

Questioner: How can I find peace when the world suffers?

Maharaj:  The world suffers for very valid reasons.  If you want to help the world, you must be beyond the need of help.  Then all your doing as well as not doing will help the world most effectively.
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